The Financiers without Borders Volunteer2Intern program is an unprecedented talent recruitment strategy wherein your corporation has the opportunity to sponsor a volunteer. After their experience, you can your candidate to interview for your organization.

You will be able to recruit from our pool of talented applicants who have already passed our own selective recruitment process.

Volunteers who go through our programs are a self-selected group of highly motivated students who are involved on and off-campus. Our volunteers also have vast professional experience in addition to their top academic standings.

During their volunteerships, our volunteers learn what it means to work and live in a different culture from what they're used to and experience vast global diversity.

The Volunteer2Intern process is very simple:

  • Choose volunteers from a group of top candidates who are committed to a volunteership
  • Financiers without Borders arranges the volunteership details with a certain focus based on your organization's criteria 
  • Volunteers keep an active blog about their experiences abroad
  • Upon the completion of the volunteerships, you may review the deliverables which our volunteers have completed
  • Reach out to volunteers to invite them to internship interviews

Please contact Max Glikman via or call  (718) 530-0753.