Financiers without Borders offers the following services for non-profit and NGOs through our skills-based volunteers:

  • Most of our volunteers have at least a Bachelors Degree in business related fields and some have a MBA or Masters in business related fields and engineering. We recruit only from the top-tier undergraduate and graduate business schools.

  • There are no costs associated with taking on a Financiers without Borders volunteers. The volunteers pay for themselves and are assisted by grants and donations.

  • You will get a fresh and creative perspective from volunteers educated in top business schools in the United States. We feel that the work will certainly speak for itself.

  • Volunteers are trained in accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing among other subjects.

  • Our volunteers have 2-4 years of industry experience, including internships.

  • Prospective projects could include business valuation, cash flow analysis, microfinance field work, research, the development of a marketing plan, product positioning and/or implementation plans, market analysis, and streamlined of operational processes among others.

  • Financiers without Borders does not have any financial benefit of running the organization, we simply believe in our mission to help build future generations of business leaders as altruistic and global minded. We stand behind our mission and most of the organization is volunteer run.