Given the entrepreneurial and self-starter nature of our volunteers, coupled with their astute business acumen which they've received from top-tier business schools in the States, the volunteers will quickly become acclimated to your business and will be able to produce top-notch work. Their deliverables will certainly depend on what you ask of them, so it's both crucial and beneficial for you to give the volunteers the most information about your business and explain what you need as quickly as possible. Volunteers will also be able to start working on their projects before they even get to your place of business, as a primer for their work there.

Financiers without Borders does not have any financial benefit of running the organization, we simply believe in our mission to help build future generations of business leaders as altruistic and global minded. We stand behind our mission and most of the organization is volunteer run.

Most of our volunteers have at least a Bachelors Degree in business related fields and some have a MBA or Masters in business related fields and engineering. We recruit only from the top-tier undergraduate and graduate business schools.

Prospective projects could include business valuation, cash flow analysis, microfinance field work, research, the development of a marketing plan, product positioning and/or implementation plans, market analysis, and streamlined of operational processes among others.