Please review the available grants below for the upcoming volunteership season.

NYU Stern Social Impact Stipends
  • Limited availability
  • Covers airfare and expenses for any Financiers without Borders volunteership
  • For current, matriculated students in the Stern School of Business Undergraduate College
  • Visit Social Impact Stipends for details
The Cornell Commitment Summer Internship Grant Program
  • Limited availability
  • Covers expenses while pursuing a volunteership with Financiers without Borders
  • For Commitment students only
  • Visit The Cornell Commitment for details
Small Research and Travel Grants – University of Virgina College of Arts and Sciences
  • Upto $1000
  • Covers travel related expenses for any Financiers without Borders volunteership
  • For any student in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Visit the University of Virginia for details
Weissman Center International Travel Grant – Baruch College
  • 5 available
  • Covers airfare for any Financiers without Borders volunteership
  • For registered Baruch College students and recent graduates only
  • Contact  for details
Bank of America Volunteer Grant
  • Unrestricted Grant
  • $500 grants
  • Full-time and part-time benefit eligible associates of Bank of America
  • Retired associates from certain predecessor organizations
  • Active members of the Board of Directors of Bank of America
  • Apply here
Prudential CARES Volunteer Grants
  • $250-$5000 grants
  • Prudential active and retired associates and Prudential Real Estate Affiliates (PREA) broker/owners, employees, or sales staff
  • Contact for details
Verizon Foundation Volunteer Incentive Program
  • For U.S-based Verizon employees
  • $750 grants
  • Apply here